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The Midwest Fleet DJs Spotlight:
Akbar The G8

Who Is Akbar?:

Having been on a call with the talented Akbar, one can easily recognize that he is a multi-hyphenate or polymath.  His site lists him as a rapper and songwriter, however, many of us heard him talk about acting and even writing scripts.  So, we can just settle on that the homie is talented.  In this scenario, it may best to go to the artist's website's official words for Akbar. 
They read, "Meet AKBAR, a gifted, prolific lyricist and songwriter influenced by J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and the legendary God MC “Rakim.” The 25 year-old is a former college student hailing from Columbus, Ohio with a conscious rap style and lyrical maturity far beyond his years. Signed by R&B Icon Karyn White to her label Supernova Unlimited.  AKBAR’s sound is underpinned with knowledge of self-love and black empowerment. This year, AKBAR’s set to blow, starting with his debut single ‘YRBG’ (an acronym for ‘Young Righteous Black Girl’) as well as his second single  "Everlasting Thought ( Gotta Keep Movin)" an anthem for the culture that gives insight to the mind of young black men in the inner cities. Streaming on all platforms."

What is also very important to note for anyone that loves wordplay, Akbar has bars and as an MC can command a stage.  It is one thing to write the words you flow or have a team of songwriters, however, it has been said that Akbar can go off for days off the top of his head.  He has that flow and connection to the infinite that is impressive to hear on the microphone.  It is for this reason, we chose to feature him here so close to our 10th annual conference this year in Jacksonville, FL.  Who knows, you may even get to hear and see him perform or meet him there.  Stranger things have happened!  What we do know is that the future is very bright for Akbar.

How Do You Hear Akbar?:

Here are a couple of his more recent tracks:
YRBG (Young Righteous Black Girl) 

Everlasting Thought (Gotta Keep Movin’)

Where Can You Find Akbar on Social Media?:
We all do have search engines, but we wanted to make this easy for you.  See below for Akbar's social media links:

Akbar's Websitewww.AkbarTheG8.com

Akbar on Instagram: @AkbarTheG8

Akbar on Facebook: @AkbarTheG8

Akbar on Youtube@AkbarTheG8

Where Can Purchase Akbar's Music or Merchandise?:
We are compiling all these links with Akbar's team

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  1. id like to work on a collab with bro .. Cee Newchii is the 19 year old everyone been talking about .hmu @guttaboy225 Newsflash ENt


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