Alex Genadinik - Georgian song (Russian Cover)


A cover with acoustic strings and a mellow-tone voice. Alex Genadinik has potential of becoming a massive guitar player with constant practice. His voice over the strings and soft Russian descents need just a little bit of fine tuning to make this cover fit right in with the other 20th century Russian classics. Outside of learning to express himself through tones that fit well with his dream talents, Alex displays a great ambition and strong transparency to accept constructive criticism that will make him a better musician. 

Georgian song” displays a unique off tone sound that drives you to a tunnel of your own thoughts. This cover presents a rendition of a 20th century Russian classic. This song is unorthodox and lacks character but carries passion designed to keep people tuned in. Mastering the art of playing a guitar and singing in tone, is a golden token that is hard to find without true dedication and practice. Depending on where you are located in the world, this cover will not satisfy your ears and will lead you to search for the original to get the true meaning of this song.  Once you press play, you will notice this is not your normal guitar playing and song cover. Although the song has potential, Georgian Song will not work in today’s American’s archives of sound but will fit well with the Russian styles of musical talents. 

As this cover presents a unique rendition from Alex Genadinik’s creative haven of musical multitasking. His courage and passion sets him apart from another. Music is a subjective art and has its own purposes for each listener. Join Alex Genadinik’s world today by streaming “Georgian Song” on Youtube. 

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