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An American Hip Hop Duo blended with two very  diversified lyrical styles. Residing in the very small town of Pawleys Island, South Carolina. TeamSlayr is a collective of two brothers from different mothers, who have shared over two decades of musical history and friendship. Members: Chad Blakk and Moochiano both have a unique style of music mixed with lyricism and melodic vibes. TeamSlayr music has an unpredictable approach that tricks the ears of all listeners. Massive and clever, these friends are ready to conquer the entertainment business with hunger that is so pure. 

“Ooooweeee” is the leading single from their new 5 track untitled EP,  due to be released this coming June. Conveyed with a powerful produced beat that complements this song greatly. Both artists' verses are laced with a full blast of good vibes. An undeniable hit that is taking over social media with an everlasting impact on all music listeners worldwide. Double threat of catchy one liners that will replay in your mind for hours to come. An alternative commercial replica of today’s top radio hits. Empowered with a bouncy high powered hook that displays the sound of  harmonies and bold lyrics. TeamSlayr and Moochiano’s future is shining brighter than the north star with their newly released single, “OooooWee”

As This Song presents a strong rave of chants and enticing lyrics from the hip hop duo TeamSlayr music haven. One of a kind penmanship and melodic tycoons, be apart of “TeamSlayr’s world today by streaming “OoooWeee” on all digital streaming platforms.

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