Young teen actor turned singer and activist for creativity, David Raynolds is setting trends with his unique sound of music. Proud European and Canadian citizen, he is captivating music lovers beyond him surrounding areas. Every word sung by David in his latest single displays a raw and uncut version of EDM and Techno. Activating a new era of Dance blended with rock, he surely has a bright future in a multi-facet music industry. Delivering nothing less than powerful strikes in all his lyrics, he will gift your ears on passionate listening highs. Recently, released his new single to jump start the new decade on January 27, 2020. Nuclear offers a bolting selection of EDM and Dance with a high-powered message.

Nuclear is a soundtrack to self. Blasting words like I am energy and I am a fighter. Opening with a brazing hook that leads right in to the verse that confess his truth like,

I am nuclear, I'm unstable getting rid of that blackness sable, Ya I feel I’m losing control. I am nuclear, I am energy. Making just that perfect synergy. I am Nuclear, and I’m about to explode!

Inspired by Coldplay, David strives to bring an undeniable mixture of classical and pop to all his music since a very young age. From grabbing hearts when he sang at talents at the age of five and despite have any vocal training, he stamped his musical at that very moment.
Award winning and trendsetting, David has a strong passion and love to make a difference by placing positivity in his music. As a professional, he collaborated with the renowned Vancouver music producer Murray Yates of Echoman Records.

He is a Humanitarian, who wants to create awareness that will bring people together and find solutions for our daily human struggles. A singer with substance and content of honestly, he will surely inspire self-growth. David is also a very talented on camera and voice actor and continues to put forth all his passions to steam-line his futuristic career in entertainment.

Social Media
Instagram- @david_raynolds
Twitter- @david_raynolds

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