The ''LOVE LIFE'' of R&B artist Laura

You've heard the saying before, "Hip hop is dead", but what about saying the same for thing about R&B? Would you agree? Well this next feature would definitely not agree. In fact she is proving that R&B is not dead by recently releasing her new EP, "LOVE LIFE" just last week!

Introducing Laura! This Columbus, Ohio artist has been putting people in the R&B mood for over a year and a half, releasing a little bit of herself through song one or two records at a time. She has been staying busy appearing on a plethora of features and shows around the city. Fans such as myself (I have to admit) have been anticipating an EP from Laura since she started performing, "Introvert'' at smaller shows.

This EP is a perfect story of love and lost, giving you the trial and error personal experience that only she can give.

I spoke with Laura over the phone after she released "LOVE LIFE", asking about the process of putting these records together, and also was it a  task trying to pick what tracks made the project?  
(L)"About a month before the release date I decided to go through what I had recorded and create a EP. It was more challenging then I thought because I did not know how to curate an EP or where to even start. But I used some advice I was given and putting together songs that I can completely relate to and ensure I was happy with it, so my love for this project can be passed on to those who I am promoting it to." 
(Swmp) You had a listening party to celebrate the release of LOVE LIFE, how do you think the project was received?  
(L) The feedback was great! I had no idea there would be so many people come out to support. I only expected about 20-30 people to come out. There was a total of 88 people that purchased tickets! The love was unreal. 
One thing I can say as a DJ is that an artist like Laura only comes around so often. Rarely do you have a humble, down to earth artist come out and give such positive energy on and off the stage.  Her EP is about not only love, but also heartbreak. It teaches the lesson that it's okay to be hurt, but then do what you need to do to get back in the game by starting to love yourself again.

If you are in touch with the music culture in this city, you know it is hip-hop motivated.  
''The R&B scene in Columbus is scarce", says Laura. "But the city is saturated with artist, but I am the only person in my lane! Like I am the only white girl that sings R&B you know what I mean? So find a lane that helps you market yourself as something different." 

As the summer gets in to high gear in the next few weeks Laura has shows in and out of the city. She also plans to do a couple of visuals to coincide with her EP.

(L) You have to show up! you have to connect with people face to face. Social Media only goes so far. Make them believe they need you!

I know for sure she will be apart of the second Unchained Showcase in July! An event started by Forte(Honesty Hour) Tim(GoodLife) and myself.(I know I know! Shameless plug!) We cant wait to have her perform songs from this EP live on stage!

You can listen to the EP in its entirety at the link below. As always we encourage you to support the artist. Don't just listen to it! If there is a track you like, its 99 cents! Support your local artist!  

We want to thank Laura for allowing the Midwest Fleet DJs to feature her and her movement. We wish her the bet in all that she does. We are a family and anything we, The Fleet DJs can do to help put steam on a music movement we are all for i!


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