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   If you are any type of artist who record with the intent to distribute. Then you will agree with me on too things. One: you are all perfectness and with that comes a lot of do overs. Two: It always seams like dropping any project EP or LP takes forever to accomplish. With life, red tape and unforeseen circumstance its can be almost impossible. More so for an indie artist.

   Well one artist has beaten those odds and released a very long awaited EP! Miss Liyma! with her project, "The Elle Project"! This project of love, heartbreak and in your face realism gives the notion that Liyma has defiantly had her share of relationship experience, and has been waiting to share it with the word. If that's not it, then that's a hell of an imagination.

   But don't let my description of the project  trick you. The Elle Project is not all mushy stuff. "No Trust", Liyma reached into her inner Drake or Nicki Manaj. Giving you a raw "warning" that it is never easy to get inside the lock doors of trust. And  "Money Bag" featuring  King Jaf  gives the project a  nice balance of hood and trap. King Jaf  is a beast in his own right, but he never disappoints as he usually kills the feature spot of any song.

Liyma was a guest on my radio show, Breaking Ground last week. I asked her about her personal feelings as it pertains to dropping such a long awaiting project, what issues(if any) she ran into  and how much of a relief it is for her professionally to have this behind her.

Swmp: When did you first set your mind that you wanted to complete this project?

Liyma: Summer 2017! A lot of people started dying around me. People from the music scene here in Columbus were dying too. It made me realize how short life really is. So I had to ask myself if I died today, would I be happy with my life thus far? I realized I was giving to everything and everyone but myself. I knew I truly wanted to dedicate my time and effort to music. That's the only thing I can say I never gave my all to. With that, I made a decision and my focus became my EP.

Swmp: What crossroads did you face and how did those help build your confidence to finish this project?

Liyma: Well, being an indie artist the biggest crossroads to me was the financial part. There is a cheaper way to do everything but  the quality wouldn't be the same. So I had to remind myself that quality over quantity is the whats must important.
  Also, being a female artist I had to stay away from the creeps. Most make promises but they have no intention on keeping them. They rather just be in your presence and spend there time shooting there shot! Its kind of weird as F#@k. I never understood it but I guess it is what it is! 

Swmp: What makes you must proud of this project?

Liyma:  I'm most proud of its cohesiveness. Like it really blends well. I think the vibe I intended to give actually got across to the audience and that has me super hyped!

So now that "The Elle project" is out in front of the word, I invite you to take a listen to an artist who has had a lot of time to think and grow. An artist who watched others be successful  and as an artist always asked, when is it my turn? Tune into a open soul not afraid to give you all that is Liyma. Why? because she is just that confident!



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