Da Goddess! The Midwest Femcee supplier!

As a DJ,  I am  always pleasantly  surprised when a really dope artist(I do not know) drops  a song in my email.

I am even more pleasantly surprised when its a dope Femcee!

We hip-hop heads all know how much of a male dominated industry this game is.

However with names like Cardi B, Nicki Manaj and Remy Ma there has been a plethora of super dope female artist that have taken the center stage! 

Case and point, meet Da Goddess! A Midwest St. Louis artist in the game since a child being around her uncles studio.

After rocking out to her single, "Bi#@h please" I was amazed at her lyrical range and ability to capture me as a listener. It reminded me of a young hungry Lil Kim as she spit for Biggie at his house in the movie.  In a very brief conversation, I asked Goddess a couple questions to help me dig into her state of mind a little deeper.

DJ Swmpthing:"How important is it to you knowing there are some great female hip-hop artist like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj who are center stage making a path for the next group of power female artist like yourself?"

Da Goddess: "I think it's greatly important that women in hip-hop stay visible and killing the game in the culture of hip-hop. We are the most spoken when it comes to delivering emotion and the most determined in our grind and worth. We have to keep that unsung voice for the many in our audience that are unheard. Especially, in a male dominated industry!"

DJ Swmpthing:  Knowing the hip-hop game as its current state. What is one major thing you like about the current wave? What don't you like

Da Goddess: I love most that hip-hop is the most diverse and unapologetic it's ever been! The New wave has shown a different value to the art and solidified abstract in it's sound and style.

What I dislike is the lack of respect for those legends in the culture that have originated, nurtured, and curated before us! A lot of these New wave Artists missed the school bus when it comes to the history of homage in this culture. That is a huge mistake. Boldly unwise and disrespectful.

  Da Goddess does not just rap. She is a full circle business woman. She is Editor and Chief of MWM mag, a Hip-hop publication. Owner of her own music label, fashion brand and cosmetics line. No doubt she is her own boss!  

It seems musically even with all of her experience since a young lady, Goddess is just getting started! Tours, new music, interviews and shows are all on the todo list for this femcee. In fact you can catch her this Thursday during my radio show, Breaking Ground Radio. She will be on the phone with us. Tune in at 7pm on wtmhradio.com as we dig just a little deeper an ask the HARD questions LOL!

"Dummie" FT The KC Ruffryders



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