{Project Release} East side with D.U.E.C.E talking Growing Pains

''I'm still gonna be the guy that represents and champions the sound of my city and region"


      AKA Noroom2fail, D.U.E.C.E from south side Columbus, Ohio has been embodying the true meaning of indie hip-hop since I was blessed to meet him at 129 studios just a little over a year ago. His less then two week old project, 2 b Honest II: Growing pains starts almost exactly where it left off from his first 2 b Honest project. His life and experience from the eyes and mind of the artist himself .

This very humble hip-hop artist has never been afraid to talk about what not only mattered to him as a kid, but what also happened to him as a kid. from his relationship with his dad, experiences with the opposite sex, his supportive mother and of course his hood. In my opinion I think that out of everything on this project, you get to here the dreams and goals start to manifest as he sees it! ''This project is about my growth and the journey I have been on thus far. The journey has mostly represented the dreams that I continue to keep alive as well as the notion that progress will continue" -Duece

I last seen D.U.E.C.E in  person during his open listing event for this project. I had the opportunity to ask one question I seam to always seek an answer to. 

DJST: As in artist in a very saturated city and a ongoing competitive region that is the Midwest, what do you feel like you contribute to the culture and how do you stand out?

D.U.E.C.E: I feel like what I contribute is authenticity and originality. I believe to many artist are trying to sound like somebody or somewhere else. Thus seeking moving away from the Midwest to challenge bigger markets. However my loyalty will remain and that's what I believe gives me the edge. My fans know I will not leave them and will continue to talk about things that not only matter to me, but matters to us!

2 B Honest II: Growing Pains is a project about truth. Just when you think you really know an artist a project like this ones comes out and introduces you to an entire different version of the artist that be. I felt like a best friend growing up next to D.U.E.C.E as a "yes man." Consistently agreeing with his version of life experiences as if I to had the exact same experiences!


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