[Video Review] Sam, Keyz and Jaf put an Ohio creatives night on video!

"This is really our life bro, this is really what the f@#k we do!"  -Sam Rothstein

"These rappers known in the city but outside they a ghost that's a real thing"     -Sam Rothstein


If you are a fan of indie music then you know there are a lot of places to go support your local and indie creatives. Columbus, Ohio is one of the most "put on for the city" focused places in the Midwest. The talent is a fruit basket of artist, producers, djs, event planners, spoken word you name it. With that being said a video was made showcasing what just one week in the day and life of an artist can be like. And more importantly how much "local support" is really out there.

    Sam Rothstein has developed the Columbus events 101 guide for outsiders via music video. His song, "Real Thing" promotes the hustle and grind of what can possible be any artist trying to make it to the next level. Currently on tour, Sam has continued to be what I call a silent assassin in the music scene. Never making to much noise unless there is a purpose. He applies the same method to his bi-monthly event The Pipeline. Featuring a lot of the cities dopiest artist. His all female pipeline at the beginning of this year is still talked about in debates as the best yet!

  "Real Thing" is produced by  producer/DJ Raiden Labs and it also features two very popular artist in the Midwest. King Jaf, member of the Sesh Gang, has been continuing to ride the wave of his now a classic, "Shit Bag" track and is working with the Sesh Gang to continue there success as one of the premiere groups in Columbus, Ohio. You can catch Jaf and the Sesh Gang as they go  Facebook live during a weekly freestyle session. Jaf verse is something special. He made sure he paid homage to other shakers and movers in the city. To many lines for me to quote here!

"The video pretty much sums up our careers within the past year in Columbus." -King Jaf

" We were each on a roll individually making key moves to push ourselves to the goal."-King Jaf

Kashis Keyz, In my opinion is one of the top five artist who will be representing Columbus, Ohio at a major awards show very soon! He is a double threat, artist both behind the mic and spoken word. Alongside his brother in art, Coty he performs spoken word all over the city as The Unspoken Truth. Schools, library's, social events ALL OVER! In music  Keyz has also broken sound cloud. Dropping a single every week for 16 weeks straight! The movement is called Word Play Wednesdays and the playlist is still clocking streaming numbers!

"It was amazing to be able to blend 3 completely different sounds together to make something greater  than any of us."  -Kashis Keyz

I think the content is needed to motivate artists in our city to aspire for more."   -Kashis Keyz





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