[Give me a beat!] Producer London Elixir Intervew and listen session #itsaswmpthing

 Native of the Buckeye state female producer London Elixir has taken her talents to the A! But we will still solute her on Midwestfleetdjs.com because the move is less then one year! LOL
If you have spent anytime in Columbus as a, "Creative" you know there is always a show or showcase in the city.

Well during one of her visits back home I found a quit little corner at an event, purchased a round of shots and politely
cornered London with a few questions!

DJ Swmpthing: Wow! London Elixir! This is a privilege to speak with you like this. Especially since you are now visiting from Atlanta, GA!  But lets be real for a moment here. After just 10 months,  What has been your biggest highlight since being in Atlanta?

LX: My biggest highlight since moving to Atlanta was definitely my "Project LX Vol 2" EP release party in December. The EP is produced by me and features 614 artists. I'd say that's my greatest highlight because it was an opportunity to share music from my hometown with all of the people I have been networking with since moving to Atlanta. I had only been in Atlanta for 6 months so being able to throw a successful release party in a new city was amazing! The love was great and everyone there rocked with the EP!

DJ Swmpthing: OK, two part question ....We all know networking is super important as it pertains to building relationships in this music game. How different are the "rules" of networking from Columbus to Atlanta? Are people more inviting in one city more then the other? 

LX: Great question! The main difference in networking in Atlanta versus Columbus is that Atlanta has events literally every single day/night. Also, when you meet someone in Atlanta, 9 times out of 10 they are involved in music. I've gotten opportunities from people I met at the gym, in a sprint store, etc. So it's very easy to meet people in Atlanta. The downside to that is that not everyone you meet is going to have your best interest at heart. So you have to really discern who you give your time to and who you share your ideas with. 

As far as people being more inviting in one city versus the other, I feel like I get support in Columbus and in Atlanta. I've just met so many more people since I've moved to Atlanta than I did in Columbus. That's probably because Atlanta has a larger music scene though. 

                                                         LX Real-Time Creating ''Leg work ''
          Sample of full track features The Sesh Gang. A Columbus, Ohio hip-hop group

DJ Swmpthing: What do you believe are the three things you must do in order to stay relevant and be one of those "names" that are always mentioned in conversation?

LX: 1) Keep God First. I honestly don't need to be relevant to anyone but God. As long as I am walking in my purpose, the blessings will continue to flow my way. Everything will fall into place. I don't worry about people so much as what God has for me. 

2) Be Consistent. Content creation and marketing are very important aspects of the music business that artist and producers don't tap into. If you want to stay relevant you have to keep pushing out content and marketing yourself to your target audience. Have to give people something to talk about! For example, I post new beats to my beat store every week. (Content creation) I also market those beats to my email list and social media followers via videos. (Marketing) I also offer discounts to members of my email list every week. All updates happen on Mondays. (Consistent)

3) Be Original. Far too many people are trying to sound like something that is already out. I'm not out to be "the next" whoever. I'm just focused on my sound and what works best for me. I'm really big on coexistence over competition. There's room for everyone when we are all in our own lanes. The problems come when every one tries to get in one lane, that's how you get traffic (metaphorically speaking). When everyone is in their own lane, we can all make it to the destination. 

DJ Swmpthing:Take us through your process when creating a beat from scratch.

LX: Step One: OPEN LOGIC!! lol Logic is my DAW of choice so I always use it. Creatively, I usually start out with a melody. I took piano lessons through high school so melodies come naturally to me. After I layer a few melodic elements, I play around until I find what tempo I like best. Then I move to the drums. I use a lot of sound packs for my drums. Recently, I've been creating my drum loops with kits from the Native Instruments MK3. After I finish adding the drums I get into arrangement. Constructing where the hook should go and what instruments I want to solo for the intro. I add beat drops and transition sounds. Lastly I mix/master the beat. That's a short version of the process but I also have tutorials on my youtube channel where I make beats from scratch.

DJ Swmpthing: London, it was such a pleasure speaking with you today. How can the subscribers of Midwestfleetdjs.com get in touch or follow you?

LX: Thanks so much for having me! The best way to reach me is on instagram @LondonElixirLX ! Follow me =)

I'm also on Twitter @LondonElixirLX and Youtube as London Elixir. 

If you're interested in beats, my EPs, collabs or pretty much anything else I do you should check out my website www.LondonElixir.com

                                     London Elixir website and music links


Project LX Vol 2: Streaming Digitally Everywhere, search "Project LX Vol 2" on iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify, etc

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  1. �������� Fireee

  2. Love her drive! Putting on for Columbus in ATL

  3. That Leg Work song is flamez

  4. LX is doing the A to the fullest! She is definately on her way to stardom with a huge support system of family, friends, fellow producers and artist. She always keeps God first so there is no doubt that she absolutely enjoys living out God's plan for her life! #loveherlife

    1. Well said ! 100% agree with this

  5. Keep up the good work London Elixir. Making Big girl moves!!!

  6. I buy beats from her online store all the time! Keep the fire coming!

  7. It's so refreshing to see a young lady killing it in a Male dominated industry!

  8. Her beats are dope af

  9. Beauty and The Beats

  10. Keep God First! Great advice

  11. I use FL to produce but I want to switch to Logic. London's YouTube tutorials are very helpful. Especially the keyboard shortcuts

  12. Being original is key. Too many wanna be migos out

  13. Hottest female producer out

  14. Project LX Vol 2 is dope. Great production and artist selection from London Elixir

  15. Congrats LX! Continue to be great

  16. London Elixir is amazing

  17. Love the metaphor on producers staying in their lanes, we dont need that traffic!

  18. Yeahhhhhh London!!! Fire beats, fire personality! #NewEntreeWhoDis

  19. I like how London had a release party in Atlanta for an EP she made with artists from her hometown. Creating a lane for the city!

  20. Met London when she first moved to Atlanta. Her grind is unmatched. Congrats on all your success boo!


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