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From Columbus to Cleveland and pretty much all of the state of  Ohio, Carnage Bodybagg has been setting the buckeye state on fire! A "Hottest in Ohio" mixtape alumni Bodybagg has worked closely with Def Jam's Big Heff and Earth entertainment. 
After many attempts I finally got a chance to steal 15min from him to talk about his successes. 

DJ Swmpthing: You have opened up shows with some heavy names like King chip, Layzie Bone just to name a couple. How do you think those experience specifically caters to your overall growth?

CBB: Carnage Bodybagg- I think it helps a lot due to the fact of, if I got major artist nodding their heads and telling me I got something, then that helps me to stay motivated and focused even more then I am already on my music and pushing forward in my career in music. 

DJ Swmpthing: It seems wherever you go you seem to make a lasting impression on folks. As you build relationships in the game,  what is more important to you as an artist. popularity or talent recognition?

CBB: Carnage Bodybagg- To me, I would have to say talent recognition. I say that because if you have the talent and people hear that and recognize that then, they will tell more people about you that will lead to those people looking up your music or even buying your music and even taking time out of their life to make a show of yours. The sad thing in this industry is since making music is so easy now, that if they haven't heard of you or seen you on some "major" show or with "major" people they really won't give you the time of day, which leads to a lot of great artist and music being overlooked. so if you have the talent then word of mouth will definitely help propel you further. 

DJ Swmpthing: You currently have an apparel brand, can you speak more on that and also how has the sales success from apparel helped you grow as an artist? 

CBB: Carnage Bodybagg- well, the apparel started out an idea from me, my wife and my guy Chubbz who owns the clothing company I have my gear through which is "Hometown Clothing Company" they have a storefront in Great Lakes Mall in Mentor Ohio and as well as a website to order and have it shipped straight to your front door. But, with not being widely known more it's really up and down, sales pick up during shows or album releases. I always promote my shirts and wear one to each show to help promote my brand and let people see it with their own eye to see the quality each shirt or hoodie has.

(Shoutout to Chubbz for always believing in me and showing love and helping every way he possibly can) 

DJ Swmpthing: Aight man this is a two part question...You just dropped your fourth project entitled "Ready for war", it includes singles ''Baggz' and official project video "facts", with your first project being a series, 'For Tha Streetz vol 1,2 and 3" How do you think you have matured as an artist from then to now? and what would you have done differently during the series project that you DID DO with the "Ready for war" project?

BB: Carnage Bodybagg- the "Ready 4 War' project is a representation of my overall growth and maturity in everything from my sound, approach, and even lyrics. I felt more comfortable with this project with knowing I have a great backing with all kinds of major artist as well as local and independent out of town artist that found me through my music online. The difference between the "Ready 4 War" album and the "For Tha Streetz" volumes 1, 2 and 3 are the experiences I have gained in the business aspect of things. I have said it over and over again and many times to you in our conversations over time " this industry is 90% business and 10% music" having a "project plan" in place for each and every album release or even single and music video release is VERY IMPORTANT. So definitely, I would have to say my experience I've gained over time in between projects has really helped to get more out of everything involved each time. The growth I've made and my comfort level I have now I think you can hear that in my lyrics and song ideas for the new "Ready 4 War" project. 

DJ Swmpthing: Ok, so this is my second interview for midwestfleetdjs.com and I neglected to ask my first guest this. However, this question is unique for you because you have seen the music scene in both Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio.

How do you view what's going on in the music scene in either Cleveland, Columbus or both? and what are some of the negative reputations you are looking to see change within the creatives circle?

CBB: Carnage Bodybagg- I think the music scene in general from doing shows from here in Cleveland to Columbus and Cincinnati is really talented, of course, you run into the occasional "Rushed to get music out" artist and the "this is just for fun" artist to the artist that definitely put on for their city. I have from all over the state received tons of support and love from all types of people. I think the talent in Ohio, especially in Columbus and Cleveland, are really slept on for now. but, mark my words we will be on the map heavy with lots of artist from Ohio I believe really soon. The negative reputations I would get rid of is the idea that you won't show love to an artist with talent just because he isn't from your city. As a whole, we should be looking at it as we rep our state together so we can go to the top and be considered and great musically inclined state overall by other cities and major labels. 

DJ Swmpthing: Man, thank you so much for kicking it with me bro and thank you again for the personal copy of "Ready for war". It's a banging project and I will definitely share it with the Fleet DJs organization.

How can subscribers, artist, djs and fans of midwesfleetdjs.com  follow your movement?

CBB: Carnage Bodybagg- Thank You for the opportunity, I can be followed on all social media sites as well as my verified Spotify and Shazam accounts so get at me! 

Project," Ready for War" can be found on your favorite music stream outlets!

Watch the official video "Facts"


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  1. Carnage Bodybagg is DOPE!!!

  2. Aye!! Saw this dude live in Cincinnati. He BRINGS IT �� turnt!

  3. Carnage is a real authentic dude, real humble and true student of the game. I wish great success to my guy he deserves the spotlight! Keep dropping �� #uberfan

  4. My Dawg Bodybagg keep it goin! My G Always Good In Tha Bus #bethereorBsquare

  5. Coast2CoastMixtapesApril 9, 2018 at 1:48 PM


  6. #READY4WAR I’ve been following Carnage for almost two years. I haven’t met him yet but I believe homie is as real as they come. Authentic and the music is bars and grit! I wish my brother much success- @dirtyrush216

  7. Yo! Carnage Bodybagg is one of the most genuine and realest emcees in the hip-hop game right now. He's a breath of fresh air in the game. It's exactly what hip-hop needs... A revival!.. Back in the early 80's wack emcees where called toys. This is exactly how CBB is makin'em look right now. To Carnage Bodybagg keep doing ur thang big homie. ill-ones.

  8. The Ready 4 War cd is straight dopeness! Real lyrics and emotions all over the project. Carnage is a serious problem for all of the wack shit being promoted now! He is Hip Hop to the core!
    Rummy Rozier

  9. Carnage should change his name 2 BARS! Cuz dude got STRAIGHT BARS!!!- HipHopNYC

  10. Carnage bout to BLOW UP! puttin' on 4 tha O! -goonsquad614

  11. Somebody PLEASE HURRY UP AND SIGN HIM he got MAJOR talent. -jay

  12. That boy is 1 hot rapper

  13. Keep goin' Carnage!

  14. Real Music in full effect -@P3thehound

  15. Carnage is going to change the face of Ohio... I already know it!

  16. Dude never lets you down. Every song is a classic.

  17. Salute! Carnage puts out actual quality music that’s better than what the radio keeps trying to force feed listeners. His talent will take him to the next level!!

  18. He's the hottest in Ohio he's the king of his city that's my G keep doing your thing

  19. GO CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Oh yeah... get'em Carnage

  21. People got Def ears.. smh... this dude needs a major deal like... LAST YEAR! always dropping BANGERS with great quality sound unlike this SHIT they put on the radio today!


  23. Will somebody sign him already?! His talent is unmatched in this game! He's an amazing artist. Rare in today's world! Keep going Carnage! You will be there in no time!

  24. Carnage for president!!!! As real as they come now in this fake world! HE MAKES REAL MUSIC!

  25. Dope interview! Keep doing your thing Carnage

  26. Carnage is the man!

  27. This dude is DOPE! SIGN HIM NOW!!!


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