[Artist Spotlight] Bizzoe exclusive intervew and EPK #itsaswmpthing

Hello readers, below is my conversation with a Columbus, Ohio indie artist by the name Bizzoe!
I had a sit down with Bizzoe last week just to see where he stood as an indie artist in a city with so much talent.

DJ Swmpthing: What's good brother? Thanks for sitting down with me and the Midwest Fleetdjs!
Bizzoe: Of course, man! Anytime! DJ Swmpthing: Man imma get right to it, tell me the inspirations behind your music? Bizzoe: My inspirations are definitely my life experiences. The ups the downs the success the struggle. Of course, my mom and all she has done for me. But I think one of the most things that inspire me is my ability to be relatable to the people. The people who feel my music makes me feel like Im not alone in my struggle.
DJ Swmpthing: As an indie artist who  I assume wants to make it to the next level, what do you think mainstream is missing when and if they pass up a talented indie artist like yourself?

Bizzoe: Me! lol I mean really I think mainstream is missing content in general. Subject matter and what it means to have real talent. mainstream music lacs real talent. 

DJ Swmpthing: lol I love that you said, "me!" that's real homie. So Bizzoe I have one more question and I will let you go. Specifically in the Midwest who would you love the opportunity to work with?

Bizzoe: Man augh that's rough but I think we can not talk about the Midwest without saying Kanye West. Would love to work with Kanye West bro.

DJ Swmpthing: Man I want to thank you so much for kicking it with me man. Keep moving Midwest strong. 
Bizzoe: Always big bro! I appreciate you!

DJ swmpthing: How can you be reached and/or followed?

Bizzoe: Can follow me on IG at bizzness_as_usual. You can go to my website at www.bizzoemusic.com, bizzoe10 via youtube and  Bizzoe on soundcloud. Please support the movement! Blessings

Watch Bizzoe's recently released track, Y.I.S and follow him on all main social media.

Location: Columbus, OH, USA
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